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‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’

Jun 20, 2010 - Hubs - 4 Comments - Standard

This is the new front and rear high flange hub-set with removable flange. We still looking for a name to the hub-set, so if you have any idea for giving a proper name , don’t hasitate! I will be happy of any suggestion. more pictures here Description: coming…

front and rear hubs in 2010_06

Jun 15, 2010 - Hubs - 0 Comments - Standard

During the last few weeks I worked hard to redesign the hubs.. to have a clearer and simplier design. I think the result speaks for itself. I changed the fixation technology of the old version to replaceable high flanges. here you can see more pictures  about it. I also developed a pair of more conventional […]

track race and CM in Budapest

Apr 25, 2010 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

On Saturday we had the season opening (training) track race, where i wasn’t as successful as I expected……. next time, Gadget! But the two racers using our chainrings have finished 1st and 2nd. Yesterday we also had the usual Critical Mass gathering, with ten tousands of proud bikers. more photos here

new chainring colors

Apr 15, 2010 - track chainrings - 0 Comments - Standard

These are our new chainring colors.. we’re very proud of them. We managed to create colors which can not be found at other manufacturers.

New rear hub axle prototype!

Mar 19, 2010 - Hubs - 1 Comments - Standard

The new rear hub axle prototype is done. It’s 15mm thick aluminum with oversize bearings. It’s gonna be tested in the usual purple-hub for a while. The bolts are M6 30mm, 12,9 strength.