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Yobi Bike Parts | Page 2

We got it! :)

We are happy to announce that the Yobi High-flange hub got awarded on the Hungarian Design Award 2010 in product category!¬†Woooow ūüôā

there is also another exhibition where you can see the products in Gödör

more picture here

October 5, 2010

L√°nchusz√°r – Chainhussar


Here is a video from Bence P√°sztor. You can catch some close-ups of a Yobi Hub and some beautiful pictures of Budapest!

September 6, 2010

BangKing 2010 in Japan

Last weekend, the traditional BangKing was arranged in Japan, in which everyone could enter.
Unfortunately, I could not take part on it personally, only as a sponsor; but it was good to see the smile of Matsudos face, who had Yobi hubs in his hands!

“Providentially, the Uchinada velodrome in the prefecture of Ishikawa (along the coast of the Sea of Japan) hosts designated periods when it is open to the public.¬†As the weekend training sessions of the professional riders stamp the authenticity of this bank, this arena provides the perfect opportunity for us city track racers to experience part of the keirin world.”

picture from this event

August 30, 2010

After the Hungarien Track Championship Szalontay S√°ndor and Veres √Ād√°m competed again¬†in Prostejov.
Remember…¬†Sanyi and √Ād√°m wins 3 gold medal a few days ago.
At that time they was very convincing… unfortunately in Prostejov the enemy was too strong, yet..

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Kalavinka carbon frame with Yobi parts – 1. ride

After the first testing day of the Kalavinka frame I can state that it performs beyond expectations and also works perfectly together with yobi bike parts!
The whole construction is extremely rigid and very demanding, well done Kalavinka!
The “K” letter¬†at¬†the bottom¬†of the carbon fork¬†is¬†truly¬†a masterpiece!

Both the eccentric¬†technology¬†and¬†the chain stay’s bending¬†are very¬†smart¬†solutions.
The only disadvantage could be the weight, but in every other aspect it’s better than the previous ones!
The distance of the bottom bracket from the ground is 295 mm (it’s a good one, thanks to the eccentric solution).
The axle-distance is between 940-990 mm( size-L), is short.  The bb axle-rear axle distance can 370 mm. It provides a really good acceleration factor.

And a few things about the wheels:
I’m¬†totally¬†satisfied with them! The two-cross-style¬†makes the¬†rear¬†wheel very¬†strong and it¬†spins¬†awesome.
Just watch the national tricolor stripe spinning at 70 km/h!!!

More picture: Yobi Gallery

August 6, 2010

Kalavinka carbon frame

We proud to announce this Kalavinka carbon frame, which is made for Szalontay S√°ndor (Hungarian sprinter).
Who will be a contestant at the U23 europian championship (at Saint Petersburg), he will use the frame equipped with Yobi bike parts. The frame design is a result of a cooperation of  Masaki Nagasawa and me. Special thanks to Akio Tanabe, founder of Kalavinka.

July 23, 2010

Carbon wheel to the U23 EC

Handbuilt track rear wheel for 2010 track EC (keirin/sprint/1 km). Weight: 901 g (the sticker is 1 g)

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