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Yobi at the London 2012 Olympics

Breaking news! When I started to design and develop my bike parts after the Beijing Games,
one of my aims was to see them performing at the next olympics. Mission completed!

I got the honour that a young rider, Njisane Nicholas Philip from Trinidad and Tobago choose to race with Yobi chainrings at the London Games. He made them spin so well, that he finished 4th in Sprint and 7th in Keirin! I’m so unbelievably happy!!! Yeah!!! But let’s not forget about the great performance of Kristina Vogel and Robert Förstemann, who I also supported with parts. They didn’t use them during the games because they had another national sponsor, but they managed to collect some shiny medals. Kristina won a gold and Robert won a bronze for Germany. Congratulations to all three of them! Great ride!!!

photos from Peter Maharj and

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  1. green things

    Hey! Congrats to Yobi! That sounds fantastic! Keep up the good work!!! :)))

    18 Aug 2012 -

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