We got it! :)

We are happy to announce that the Yobi High-flange hub got awarded on the Hungarian Design Award 2010 in product category! Woooow :)

there is also another exhibition where you can see the products in Gödör

more picture here


  1. jolek says:

    fantasztikus, gratulalok!

  2. sbalazs says:

    gratulálok, jó helyre került!

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Some PRO/ELITE rider with Yobi products :

  • Marcel BARTH (GER)
  • Michael Morkov ( DEN)
  • Jesper MORKOV (DEN)
  • Andrea BASSI (ITA)
  • Sándor SZALONTAY ( HUN)
  • John PAUL (GBR)

photo from sixdayracing.com

photo from zimbio.com


Who uses YOBI ?

Robert elérhető – a Yobi ring – New World Record a csapat sprint a J.Eilers és R.Enders

A második WC Mexikóban el a német Sprint csapat a tetején a pódiumon New World Record a quali.



New World Record with yobi chainring

Breaking news! When I started to design and develop my bike parts after the Beijing Games,
one of my aims was to see them performing at the next olympics. Mission completed!

Details »

Yobi at the London 2012 Olympics

Robert Forstemann and Marcel Barth in the Erfurt track races. Congratulation to the podium places!


Robert Forstemann with Yobi chainring in the Berliner Sixdays.
He set the new lap record in the velodrom, congratulations!
photo source: here

Special edition hubs for BangKing 2011

Sanyi has set another Hungarian record in 500m flying: 29.1 sec!
He reached this result in Austria at the Ferry Dusika Stadium, during the preparation for the Elite European Championships!
Well done Sanyi!

photo: Adiam Samm

New Hungarian record!