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Kalavinka carbon frame with Yobi parts – 1. ride

After the first testing day of the Kalavinka frame I can state that it performs beyond expectations and also works perfectly together with yobi bike parts!
The whole construction is extremely rigid and very demanding, well done Kalavinka!
The “K” letter at the bottom of the carbon fork is truly a masterpiece!

Both the eccentric technology and the chain stay’s bending are very smart solutions.
The only disadvantage could be the weight, but in every other aspect it’s better than the previous ones!
The distance of the bottom bracket from the ground is 295 mm (it’s a good one, thanks to the eccentric solution).
The axle-distance is between 940-990 mm( size-L), is short.  The bb axle-rear axle distance can 370 mm. It provides a really good acceleration factor.

And a few things about the wheels:
I’m totally satisfied with them! The two-cross-style makes the rear wheel very strong and it spins awesome.
Just watch the national tricolor stripe spinning at 70 km/h!!!

More picture: Yobi Gallery

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